Mugtuk Monster Case Review – Cute

Phone Case

We all love our iPhones. But it seems that our kids really love it! Do you cringe every time they grab it, worried it will go crashing to the ground?  The guys at Mugtuk have got you covered with their new line of plush monster cases. As they say, it will “Help romp-proof your Apple device from childlike enthusiasm!” Not a bad idea. These cases work with the iPod Touch as well as older iPhones, so they’ll be perfect for your kids when they get your hand-me-down devices

These cute, cuddly monster cases are like animated stuffed animals. They look and feel just like any ol’ stuffy, but when you slide your iPhone inside, the face comes alive with interactivity! There are currently 4 monsters to choose from (Bubba, Maggie, Tim and Charlie Belle), each face goes with its matching monster, though you can certainly mix-and-match. Soon they’ll be adding even more from the Mugtuk Farm edition.

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