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Qirky Ray Solar Charger, never be powerless


Never go powerless again!  Portable chargers are great travel gadgets, but ultimately they need to be charged as well. This nifty Ray solar charger uses a suction cup to attach to a car or airplane window to get the juice it needs. At barely three inches square, it is easy to carry with you or throw on the dashboard to quickly charge your mobile, tablet and other necessary devices.

-Compact battery stores enough energy to fully charge a cell phone
-USB port allows for easy charging
-Suction cup attaches to windows
-Kickstand swings down for stability on flat surfaces
-USB cords can be tucked for storage into kickstand when folded closed
-LED indicator light shows status of Ray’s battery

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Qirky Ray Solar Charger
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  • Vanessa Rizzi

    convenient and environmentally friendly- great idea for a charger.