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Making Marketing Matter in Hollywood

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Patticake for all ages

Hollywood is the world’s leading marketing expert – we let billions of dollars trickle out of our collective pockets every year on the mere promise that we’ll be gloriously entertained for a few hours by the industry’s latest cinematographic offerings.

What we never do, however, when stepping into a cinema, is hope for entertainment. Rather, we hope for change – within ourselves and within the interpersonal circles that colour our lives. A natural instinct is to wonder if the actors portraying the characters and stories we are invited to love believe in the stories they tell as much as we do; or, if they’ve succumbed to the chilling vortex of drug and alcohol abuse; lack of love and unhealthy attention that continues to claim so many of them.

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Geek or Athlete? ESPN DOTA 2 Tournament

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How about a “Geekthlete” - Google’s search was fruitless so I’ll coin the term here.
Is our generation getting lazier, retiring their sports gear, throwing in the towel, and succumbing to their personal computers? or are we making room for a whole new kind of sport; the eSport.

Just this past weekend, ESPN, the world leader in sports (i.e: hockey, football, baseball, etc.) agreed to broadcast The International, a global electronic sport (a.k.a: eSport) tournament for the video game DOTA 2, offering a whopping $11 million dollar prize pool to the top gamers in the world, the largest sum of prize money eSports has seen to date.

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